Florida Get Out the Vote Calls!

Driving out the pro gun vote in the Sunshine State

50 Calls Is Your Goal


How does it Work?

Once you select the Start Making Calls button, our system will begin connecting you to live people. Simply read the script intro, identifying with whom you are speaking. If you are speaking to one of your targets select their name and begin the survey, reading the questions and answers and entering responses. If your target is not home or you hear a voicemail message, select the most applicable option (Not Home, Refused, Voicemail, Do Not Call, Bad/Fax Number) from the list. Once you have finished entering responses, our system will connect you with your next call.

What Will I Be Asking?

You will simply be asking people about their opinions and possibly advocating for our cause.

Who am I Calling? 

You will be reaching out to a wide variety of Second Amendment supporters. Your goal is to find out more about what they believe in and how they may vote.

Additional Information

For an optimized calling experience, be sure to make calls using a supported browser including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Unfortunately, Safari does not support the option to "Make Web Calls" at this time. If you need to use Safari, please choose the "Use Your Phone" or "I'll Dial" options.